Waxine™ Wax Brush
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Waxine™ Wax Brush

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Waxine Wax Brush by Coda Artisans. 1.5” diameter.

My go-to brush for applying wax. Inspired by an old-fashioned shaving brush, Waxine™ was designed with a woman’s smaller hand size in mind. It features a shorter handle to fit into tight areas. The shape is ergonomically designed for comfort throughout long projects. The two-inch long natural bristles are firm and resilient and designed specifically for wax. The flat bottom design makes it the perfect brush for applying wax over chalk style paints as it helps massage the wax into the paint with little-to-no waste. 


Clean with Big Fat Lye to keep your brushes at their best.




In between cleanings, wipe off excess wax from brush and store in a zip-lock bag.