Gator Hide
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Gator Hide

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**THIS PRODUCT IS OUT OF STOCK. However, I highly recommend the Dixie Belle CLEAR COAT in the Satin finish as a great substitute!**

Like the skin of a 'gator, this is the ultimate durability topcoat, water-repellant and tough. When it needs the strongest protection, choose Gator Hide. 

Use the blue Gator Hide sponge applicator for a super-smooth finish!

*Sorry, not available in AK or HI*

Pro Tip: Do not overwork this product - that means do not go back and forth several times over the same section. Swoosh it on lightly, once or twice, then move on to the next section. You'll get any spots you missed with the second coat. For darker colors, add a few drops of your paint color to the Gator Hide and stir before applying. This helps reduce streaks.