FREE Furniture Painting Contract
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FREE Furniture Painting Contract

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If you're painting other peoples' furniture for homey - or customizing a piece from your own stash according to their specifications - you need a contract. It protects you and your client from any miscommunication, and helps you avoid frustrating and costly pitfalls.

This simple, customizable, one-page document covers all of the obvious things, and many things you may never have thought of, like what happens if your client never picks up their furniture.

I have never had a client question signing the contract, and in fact clients appreciate the professionalism.

Pro Tip: I always ask my clients to read the contract before they sign it and I ask them if they have any questions. I then ask them to take a picture of it with their phone and I keep the original.

This FREE document will be emailed to you within 2-3 days. Email me if you need it sooner  

Please note: I am not a lawyer and this document is not intended as legal advice and may not be binding in a court of law. Heartland Vintage Market is not responsible for disputes should you choose to utilize this contract template.