Dijon One Hour Enamel
Dijon One Hour Enamel
Dijon One Hour Enamel
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Dijon One Hour Enamel

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Wise Owl's One Hour Enamel Paint is a game-changer with its tough, abrasion-resistant, smooth finish and quick-cure formula. This paint is perfect for cabinets and furniture. 

  • 90% cured within one hour after dry
  • Return project to service right away
  • Fully cured in 14 days
  • Self-levels
  • Durable satin finish 
  • No additional top coat needed
  • Recommended: Apply Wise Owl primer prior to painting
  • 1 quart covers approxmiately 100 square feet
  • 1 gallon covers approximately 400 square feet

Mustard with just the right amount of warmth. Yellow meets olive tones with warmth from autumn leaves, burnt orange and burlap shades.

We recommend a coat of Wise Owl Primer in Dark Gray prior to painting.
For extra durability after painting apply One Hour Enamel in Clear.