Abyss One Hour Enamel
Abyss One Hour Enamel
Abyss One Hour Enamel
Abyss One Hour Enamel
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Abyss One Hour Enamel

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Wise Owl's One Hour Enamel Paint is a game-changer with its tough, abrasion-resistant, smooth finish and quick-cure formula. This paint is perfect for cabinets, doors and furniture. 

  • 90% cured within one hour after dry
  • Return project to service right away
  • Fully cured in 14 days
  • Self-levels
  • Durable satin finish 
  • No additional top coat needed
  • Recommended: Apply Wise Owl primer prior to painting
  • 1 quart covers approxmiately 100 square feet
  • 1 gallon covers approximately 400 square feet

Abyss is a force of nature. It's the deepest blue green like the depths of the ocean. This is the top trending Wise Owl color of all time. An excellent choice for statement cabinets or front doors.

We recommend Wise Owl Primer in Gray prior to painting.