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Learn to Paint Furniture 

through my Online Course!

Hello friends! I'm Brooke Sobol, and I'm thrilled to introduce my online beginner's furniture painting course. There's so much information out there, it can be overwhelming. You don't have the time or patience to search for and sit through dozens of lengthy videos, hoping to get the info you need. So where do you start? What are the steps? Do you need to use primer? What kind?  Should you use wax or a topcoat? Whose advise should you trust? Kinda makes it hard to get started, doesn't it?

Well I've made it super simple for you. Everything a beginner needs to know, from choosing your tools and products, to painting, to topcoats and glazes, is all here, in one place, presented step-by-step, by one instructor. And each video is no more than 15 minutes long, so you can bite off one chunk at a time, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. Finally! Now you can stop searching and start painting! 

Simply register here for the low, low price of just $68. I'll send you an email within 24 hours with a link to my super-secret web page with my super-secret videos. Are you ready to start painting?!

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"I love your videos! You make it all seem so easy. You are relatable and a joy to watch." - Adriana E.

"Brooke is an amazing instructor. Five stars all the way." - Sheila W. 

"I'm a beginner and I have learned so much from you." - Anne D.

You'll learn about...

  • Essential tools (as listed in the Painter's Shopping List)
  • Cleaning your piece
  • Understanding primers
  • Painting 
  • Wet distressing
  • Sand distressing and smoothing
  • Topcoats
  • Clear wax
  • Colored wax
  • Glaze

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"Love, love, love your awesome videos. You are so willing to teach all us beginners so we can turn out great painted furniture. You are a favorite of mine." - Kelly M.

Try the First Video FREE! 

I want to make sure you have the right teacher for you - even if it's not me. So view the first video, Tools of the Trade, for free. No strings attached. Just take a look, and if you think I'm the right person to lead you on your creative journey, then I encourage you to sign up for the full course. 

View Lesson 1: Tools of the Trade for free now!

And check out the Painter's Shopping List to start getting your workspace ready!