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Brooke's Blog

Everything you never knew you needed to know. 

Heyyy, It's My First Blog Post! 

April 29, 2019

Hey friends! Wow, I'm super excited to finally launch a blog! Before I led this life of creativity, I worked in the corporate world as a business writer (communications manager.) I wrote everything from newsletters to business blogs to sales proposals. Writing has always kinda been my jam. 

But now I get to write about whatever I want to write about, instead of writing about why Company A's health insurance is better than Company B's health insurance, and blah blah blah… (Yawwwwn…) 

So while I sit here typing, my head is practically exploding with ideas on things to write about. 

Painting, of course! Chalk paint. Milk paint. Stenciling. Transfers. Knobs & pulls. Repairs. Furniture design trends. Buying & selling pieces. Making more money flipping furniture. Ohmygosh, the list goes on. 

Junkin'! Perhaps my very favorite pastime. Flea markets. Thrift stores. Garage sales. Estate sales. Always seeking the treasures. 

Decorating! Okay, total disclaimer: I do not consider myself a decorator by any sense of the word. But! I love mixing old stuff with new trends and putting things together in a way that pleases the eye. And I especially enjoy decorating on a dime with junkin' finds and upcycled projects. 

I've recently embarked on a redecorating effort for my house. I'm focusing on the bedroom right now, and have chosen a modern boho look in all soft neutrals for a really serene effect. I have some cool things in progress. Look for details in future blogs. 

I'm also partnering with a few new sponsors and affiliates, which means discounts and free stuff for you! Woohoo!

So! What would you like me to blog about? What captures your interest more than anything? Please comment below!