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Click each photo to view the full picture. 

For this smoky blue-grey china cabinet, the uncluttered red items added the right amount of pop. The bucket of branches add more visual interest without clutter. 

This off-white piece needed a big pop of color. I finished this one in April, so bright flowers in bright vases fit the bill. The picture frame anchored the piece. 

The Red frame and winter holiday décor gave the right feeling to this winter white piece. 

Even a simple blue nightstand can pop with the right staging. The silver tub brings in the hardware, while the orange flowers add the color pop. The hat adds a bit of whimsy without overpowering. 

This tall, dark grey, masculine chest called for simple styling. The blue frame and train case added a touch of color without adding much height. The branches add additional interest. 

The light grey desk was completed in early Fall. The basket of fall flowers served as the anchor, and the pumpkin and other items completed the overall look. 

I anchored this black, masculine chest with a red frame for the color pop. I continued the red with the floral in the white vase. The overall look is very vintage and gender-neutral. 

I anchored this white piece with a rusted windmill. I do feel I cluttered this one a little with too many small items, but the windmill and lantern show out-of-the-box staging and it worked overall.