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Welcome Future Furniture Painters! 

Congratulations on taking this step in your creative endeavor! 

Your lessons are listed below. Work at your own pace, and watch each video as many times as you like. If possible, gather the products you'll need and work right along side me with a small piece of furniture, such as a stool, magazine rack, large picture frame, or even small end table. 

I go over the products in Lesson 1: Tools of the trade, and I have a shopping list right here on my website.

If anything is unclear, please feel free to send me an email so I can help you along.

Good luck, and remember to have fun!


Lesson 1: Tools of the trade

Learn about brushes, paint, topcoats and other products you'll need as you enter this creative art.

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Lesson 2: Cleaning your piece

Cleaning is a little less icky when you know the reward is a beautifully painted piece. 

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Lesson 3: Primers

Understand the different types of primers that may be needed, and how to use them. 

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Lesson 4: Painting, the first coat

Here's the fun part! Time to apply that first coat of paint!

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Lesson 5: Painting the second coat

This one simple tip makes all the difference in applying the second coat.

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Lesson 6: Wet distressing

Learn the easiest, quickest way to achieve an a worn, rustic look. 

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Lesson 7: Distressing & smoothing

Distress with precision and smooth the final coat of paint through the sanding sponge method. .

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Lesson 8: Clear wax

Understand when, why and ho you would apply clear wax to a piece. 

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Lesson 9: Topcoats

Learn about more durable topcoats when extra durability is desired. 

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Lesson 10: Colored wax

Even beginners can take their craft to the next level with easy to use colored waxes. 

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Lesson 11: Glaze

Know when and how to use a glaze instead of colored wax to add dimension to your piece. 

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Final thoughts...

A few tidbits to leave you with as you embark upon your journey. 

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