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Learn to Paint Furniture Online!

Hello friends! I'm Brooke, and I'm thrilled to introduce my online beginner's furniture painting course. There's so much information out there, it can be overwhelming. You don't have the time or patience to search for and sit through dozens of lengthy videos, hoping to get the info you need. So where do you start? What are the steps? Do you need to use primer? What kind?  Should you use wax or a topcoat? Whose advise should you trust? Kinda makes it hard to get started, doesn't it?

Well I've made it super simple for you. Everything a beginner needs to know, from choosing your tools and products, to painting, to topcoats and glazes, is all here, in one place, presented step-by-step, by one instructor. And each video is no more than 15 minutes long, so you can bite off one chunk at a time, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. Finally! Now you can stop searching and start painting! 

Simply register here for the low, low price of just $67. I'll send you an email within 24 hours with a link to my super-secret web page with my super-secret videos. Are you ready to start painting?!

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Make (More) Money Flipping Furniture

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Would you like to double or even triple your profit on painted furniture?

Would you like to know where to find great furniture at a fraction of what you’ve been paying?

Would you like to make twice as much money with half the work?

It’s all possible!

I should know. I’ve achieved all of this and more.

Yes, I once sold painted dressers for $150. And hutches for $200. And at the time, I thought I was happy because they’d sell right away.  It kind of makes me sick to think about it. $200 hutches! Lord have mercy...

I was working too hard for too little.

I quickly realized the numbers didn’t add up. When I factored in the time I spent looking for pieces, what I paid for them, time spent making repairs, cost of replacing hardware, and, of course, the time and cost of painting, plus overhead costs like gas, wear & tear on my vehicle, booth or shop rent, and other hidden expenses, not to mention federal and state income tax… well, I wasn’t actually making any money.

So I set out to change all that. And I’ve developed a formula that ensures the highest possible profit on each and every piece. This formula took me three years to develop. And now I’m sharing that formula with you.

Whether you’re just getting started flipping furniture or are frustrated by slow sales and low profits, this course is for you.

Through my online course, you’ll learn:

  • How and where to find awesome deals on furniture
  • How to choose profitable pieces and what you should pay for them
  • Choosing paint colors that sell
  • Staging and photographing your pieces for maximum impact
  • Setting your prices (suggested price range list included!)
  • Doing custom/commissioned work (customizable contract included!)
  • Marketing & Selling: Options for selling your pieces, and marketing tips to drive customers to you

How the course works

  • This six-week course includes self-study course materials and interactive membership in my private Facebook group.
  • Each week for five weeks, a new lesson will be added to a private section of my website. You will read through the coursework and complete any practice exercises within one week.
  • Each week I will go Live in the private Facebook group to recap the week’s lesson, ask questions to test your understanding, answer your questions, and provide further direction and encouragement.
  • On the sixth week, I will go Live in the private Facebook group to check your progress and answer any remaining questions.
  • Your one-time payment includes all coursework materials, templates, and six weeks access to my private group. 

In just six weeks, for the low price of just $129 you can transform your furniture flipping business into one that's significantly more profitable, allowing you to work less for more money. Heck, the custom work contract alone is worth the price of the course! Not to mention my super-secret tips on finding furniture for cheaper than you can even imagine. I'm positive that if you follow my advice, you'll make the $129 back on your first or second flip. Then use your newfound knowledge to keep making more money  throughout your entire furniture flipping career. 

Are you ready to make more money flipping furniture?

Make (More) Money Flipping Furniture

Registration opens in October, 2018

Important: Please put your email address in the comments/notes field in PayPal. 

If you prefer to pay by phone please call 530.651.3055.

Stay Tuned