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It started purely on impulse. I had a scrap piece of the Cheetah transfer left over from another project. Without even really thinking about it, I grabbed my laptop and put it on. (Transfer junkies are always looking around for things to put transfers on!)

Over the course of a couple weeks I added more to it. I’d been wanting to use this piece of the Classic Vintage Labels transfer for a while (it’s the bee with the laurel wreath), so with no design plan in mind, I just slapped it on there.

Well, that obviously triggered more and more pieces, and eventually what you see today.

If I had planned ahead, I would have wiped down the surface first with a cleaning wipe*. But I didn’t, and it turned out just fine.

So, no prep other than light cleaning. You don't need to paint or primer it. Just apply the transfer straight to the laptop surface.

The transfers went onto this smooth surface very easily. I use the Transfer Tool to make all my transfer jobs easier.

I used several different pieces to complete the look. You can layer transfers over other transfers, too. Or just use one transfer. Your design is totally up to you.

I debated over whether or not to cover up the HP logo. It looked kinda cool showing, but eventually I opted for a sheer, white flower. Under direct light, you can see the logo. If I had wanted to cover it more completely I would have used a dark blue flower.

Once I had applied all the transfer pieces, I secured them all down by gently rubbing a finishing pad over the entire surface. This process, know as "burnishing", helps the transfer bond better to any surface. I do it every time I apply a transfer to any surface.

I then used the sponge applicator to wipe on a light layer of Dixie Belle Clear Coat to help seal and protect the transfers. (You can use a brush, but I like the smoothness of the sponge.) The clear coat dries to the touch within minutes and you can apply a second coat within an hour. Two coats is plenty. 

That’s it! Super easy.

When the time comes to upgrade my laptop, I'll be sad to part with this. But then I’ll do it all over again, choosing different colors and patterns. Fun!

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Are you thinking about transforming your laptop, tablet, or phone case? Comment below with which transfers you'd like to use!

*Please follow manufacturers recommendations for cleaning your electronic device and altering the surface. You do so at your own risk. Heartland Vintage Market is not responsible for any damage to your devices should you choose to alter them.

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    I am looking to decoupage a few items, wood and metal, I ordered tissue paper but I am still unsure about best product to adhere the paper. Can you give me a suggestion?

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    Brooke this is awesome for someone like me, I don’t have time to do furniture. But I like the looks of the transfers and I can do those smaller projects. I enjoy watch all the talented people on this page. You make it a lot of fun and you are so talented.

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