The New Home Decor Collection Is Here!

Wow. I just noticed I haven't done a blog post since January.

Well in all fairness, since January I've separated, moved from California to Idaho, and am attempting to create a new life amidst a stay-at-home pandemic. Shees! On that note, I feel great and am looking forward to what lies ahead. 

Today I'm super excited to introduce a new home decor line. Inspired by vintage flea market style, modern boho, and current trends, I chose each item in this collection as something I'd love to have in my own home. 

My personal style is a little "vintage flea market meets modern boho with sprinkles of other styles thrown in." 

I think this collection hints at that while remaining cohesive. 

It all started with this ceiling light. I'm setting up a booth space at Enchanting Objects, an antiques store in Boise, and I knew I wanted a wow ceiling light. I love vintage chandeliers but I wanted something different that also reflects my flea market style. When I saw this, I knew instantly I had to have it. I'm still working on my booth space so no pictures yet, but they're coming!

I'm borderline obsessed with textiles, so it's no surprise that the collection includes lots of throws and pillows. In addition to being gorgeous accent pieces, they're kind of like a hug. They're comforting. 

And wood. Lots of wood. I must have wood objects in every room.

And baskets and rugs made of natural materials like jute and sea grass and cotton. 

Decorating walls is a common challenge. That's why I included some great solutions for you, like this wall cabinet, or pair of fabulous prints

And many of the items in this collection would make fabugreat lous gifts because they're all so unique and there are things for every budget. Who wouldn't love these amazing copper salad servers?

If this initial launch of the home decor collection goes well, I'll add collections in different styles as well as children's styles. 

I hope this collection inspires you.

PS: Mother's Day is coming, and we can ship your gift anywhere within the US. 

Browse the collection now. 



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