It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Snowflakes

I'd never done a winter piece like this before, but the new Snowflake Jewels mould is so pretty, I knew I wanted to create a snowy wonderland. I was so happy to remember I had this little Christmas Sparkle mould, too! The small snowflake in that Mould is the perfect size to complement the larger snowflakes. 

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As always, thoroughly clean the piece with White Lightening and sand if necessary. 

I used resin for most of the moulds, becasuse I found the paperclay didn't capture the ornate detail and was hard to get out of the moulds in one piece. I did use paperclay for a couple of the moldings between the drawers, but you could also cut the resin molding in half as soon as you take it out of the mould. 

Make the moldings accordiing to the directions on the resin package. 

As soon as you take the molding out of the mould, glue it onto the piece using Titebond Quick & Thick glue. Hold for a few seconds, and repeat for each molding. 

Allow a few hours for the glue to dry. 

Because this piece needed a lot of sanding, and therefore removed much of the existing topcoat, I applied a coat of white BOSS to prevent any wood from bleeding through the white paint. 

Mix Sea Spray directly into your paint according to the package directions. Use more or less as desired. 

Stipple the paint onto the piece using a big, fat, round or oval paint brush. Stippling is kinda like stabbing - use a pouncing motion to get all that good texture on there. Don't use a "brushing" motion. 

Always do two coats when using Sea Spray to achieve the full texture. Allow to dry.

Apply some Best Dang Wax onto and around the edges of the moldings. Using a clean, soft brush, lightly dust Dixie Dirt onto and around each molding. Remove any excess with a clean, damp towel. If it's too heavy, brush on more wax to "erase" some of the Dixie Dirt. You want a subtle effect, not heavy. 

Mix some of the PearlEx powder directly into the Clear Coat and brush onto the piece. Plan for at least two coats. 

New knobs from Home Depot were the finishing touch. 

I know a lot of people would have chosen to add some metallic gilding wax to the snowflakes  but I just wanted this more subtle effect.

What would you do? 

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  • Amber demackiewicz on

    Turned out just beautiful I’m interested in the pearl EX where do you get it?

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