Flower Mould Dresser: Act II

mould moulds paperclay resin

A few years ago I created a piece that to this day remains my favorite. When I found this chest I knew I wanted to create something similar.  

The journey took a few twists and turns, but that just meant I had to keep working on it. In the end, I absolutely love it. That’s always the goal  


This 3-minute video shows how I make the resin and paperclay moldings. 

I use resin for larger or more intricate moulds and I use paperclay for smaller moulds that I can stack or wrap around legs or curves. 


Clean with White Lightening Cleaner

Sand if needed

Brush Big Mama's Butta inside and underneath the drawers


Make the moldings according to the directions on the package. You can make resin mouldings ahead of time, but the clay moldings must be used (or placed in the freezer) immediately. 

I use Titebond Quick & Thick All-Purpose Glue. Just spread on the back of the molding, apply to the surface, and hold a couple of seconds. And repeat! 

Use paperclay moldings to stack on top of resin or other paperclay moldings.

Alfter you've applied all the moldings, allow to dry overnight. 


I initially had a vision of applying layers of brown and white stain over the piece. Well, I tried it, but it didn't look good. So I decided to change direction. I realized I really wanted this piece to be white. Luckily that's an easy fix! If you don't like the color you chose, change it. Simple!

Apply 1-2 coats of (white) BOSS to prevent wood tannins from bleeding through the paint (only on certain woods like mahogany, cherry, or over pine knots.)

Apply 2 coats of paint. I mixed approx. 3 parts Fluff with 1 part Drop Cloth for my perfect white. 

To get the moldings to really pop and add dimension and definition, I brushed on alternating Fluff and a 50/50 Drop Cloth/Fluff mixture to the tops of the individual moldings. The goal is an almost tone-on-tone effect. That part's much easier than you might think and doesn't take long. 


To add just a little more dimension, I sprayed the mouldings and around the drawer edges with Easy Peasy Spray Wax. Then I very lightly brushed on Dixie Dirt antiquing powder. A little goes a long way. Blend it well. If you get too much on, use a damp cloth and spray the wax to wipe off the excess. 


Using the blue sponge for the flat areas and a brush for the moldings, apply 3-4 coats of Clear Coat, allowing to dry a couple hours or more between coats. 

Now she's ready for her forever home! (Click here if you're interested in purchasing her!) 

Are you ready to try a moulds piece? 

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  • Elisa on

    Just love your ideas looking to give my old dresser a face lift you just gave me an excellent idea
    Love you ideas

  • Jen on

    Absolutely love this. You are so wonderfully creative. I am going to try to do one. Wish me luck lol.

  • Jennifer on

    I just started back refurbishing furniture as a side job
    Being a single mom who also cares for my mom with alztimers and working a full time job
    You’ve given me so many amazing tips that I know with help out my side hustle lol
    Your are extremely gifted my friend and these pieces are stunning
    Thank you for sharing and giving us all tips 😊
    I love your videos
    Have an incredible weekend
    Jennifer Bronk

  • Christina coy on

    Thank you for sharing your Seacrets

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