My (Inexpensive) Bathroom Makeover

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A woman's place is in the bathroom! Between showers, baths, and primping, I spend way more time in my bathroom than I do in my kitchen. 

That's why a pretty bathroom is so important to me. 

A lot of updates had already been made to this bathroom, so my fixes were pretty easy and inexpensive. 

I wanted to pull out the vanity and replace it with a piece of antique furniture, but the cost and effort would be too much right now, so I decided on the simplest route - paint. I painted the cabinets and top and it made all the difference.

The rest of the update is really just decor. It's so easy to transform a space with decor!

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Vanity Update

  1. Clean cabinets and top thoroughly with White Lightening cleaner.
  2. Lightly sand cabinets and top to enabling better paint adhesion.
  3. Using a Zibra paintbrush, paint the top with Silk Mineral Paint in Black Sands (2 coats). Let dry overnight. 
  4. Seal the top with marine varnish, 3 coats, allowing to dry between coats.
  5. Paint the cabinets with Silk Mineral Paint in Quiet Cove (2 coats), allowing to dry overnight
  6. Using this Elegant Lace stencil from Redesign with Prima, apply Prima Texture Paste with a stencil brush. Once dry, dry-brush some white paint (I used Silk Mineral Paint in Whitecap) over just the tips of the stencil design. This will help the stencil design pop over the fairly clear texture paste. *Alternatively, you can use a colored texture paste.
  7. Allow to dry overnight.
  8. Seal the cabinets with 2 coats of Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin, using a Zibra paint brush to work over and around the raised stencil design. 


I also painted the doors. This made a huge difference! I'm lazy, and getting these dark doors to a pristine white would require a lot of effort, so I just used Real Milk Paint to create a vintage look. With this paint I only needed 1 1/2 coats of paint - one full coat and then a little more here and there. I got a perfect farmhouse look. Easy! 

Shower curtain

I needed extra long curtains so I used regular (non-shower) curtains. These are so freaking cute! They hang in front of my vinyl curtain liners. These curtains have been discontinued, but here are some actual shower curtains that are very similar. I love this company's products! Be sure and look in their clearance section for amazing buys! 

Check out Piper Classics - I've used their products throughout my home!


This pair of black and white rugs from Amazon was inexpensive and they're machine washable.  


In added decor from Hobby Lobby and World Market, along with stuff I already had, but I hand-picked some very similar styles for you right here!

Now every day starts (and ends) beautifully.

What concepts from this design might you incorporate into your bathroom?

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  • Gina Pullen on

    How did you do that countertop??? Thats amazing!!!! I would do that in a heartbeat!!!

  • Jennifer DAWSON on

    Hi there. Your bathroom looks beeeutimus! What is the counter top made out of?

  • Ceylun Brown on

    It looks FABULOUS, and so much bigger than it did before! Great job!!

  • Cheryl r Atkinson on

    Hey Brooke! A woman must have a pretty bathroom and you hit it spot on. Everything looks so pretty. I love those floors in your bedroom too. Thanks for sharing!

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