Black Beauty Dresser Makeover

Not gonna lie - this piece needed some serious rescuing! It was super dirty inside and out, the top was scratched up, and there were other issues. 

Product List

White Lightening Cleaner
Caviar paint
Voodoo Gel Stain (Tobacco Road and White Lightening)
Gator Hide
Sponge Applicator
Zibra paint brush
Howdy Do Hemp Oil
Applicator Pads
Big Mama's Butta
Art Alchemy Wax

With the deep scratches in the top I had to sand it down to bare wood. That leaves a nice blank slate for stain though!

I used Voodoo Gel Stain in two colors - Tobacco Road and White Magic - to give it dimension. This water-based stain is sheer, so you can build to the coverage you like. I used the blue sponge applicator to apply the stain. 

I gave the top a day or two to dry then sealed it with a few coats of Gator Hide for ultimate durability.

Because this piece was extra shiny, I scuff-sanded it all over with my power sander and 220-grit paper. This gives it “teeth” so the paint will adhere better.

Then I gave the enire piece a good cleaning with White Lightening Cleaner

For the base I chose Dixie Belle Paint in Caviar - a rich, true black.

Two coats, then lightly smooth it with a very broken-in sanding sponge. 

I sealed the paint with Howdy Do Hemp Oil, brushed on, and wiped off the excess with a finishing pad. 

I updated the hardware by cleaning it with White Lightening then spraying it with Rustoleum metallic spray paint.  

I also brushed on some Big Mama’s Butta inside the drawers to revive and refresh them. 

It was a lot of work, but worth the effort. 


Oh - I also dabbed a tiny bit of Art Alchemy Wax on these carved details. 

Do you like black furniture? If you're a flipper, has it done well for you? 


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  • Deborah Lancaster on

    This piece is beautiful!!! I have not done a black piece yet… I want to… I want to use a black silk with a full coverage. What do you suggest for color?

    I also want to do a black where the brown stain of original piece shows through… I’ve seen it on line but didn’t save it… any idea how to achieve this look?
    Thanks Brooke!!!

  • jane porter on

    I’m not a flipper but, this is very pretty. Thank you for sharing your process.

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