A Modern Carved Wood Chest

I knew when I first saw this piece that I wanted to retain a natural wood look with moldings. Because the piece needed some patching, I planned to layer Voodoo Gel Stain in different colors in order to camoflauge the imperfections. 

Make any needed repairs. I love Dixie Belle Mud for the patching. 

Give the piece a good cleaning. I used GreenEZ cleaner diluted with water. 

Lightly sand the entire surface just enough to reduce the shine. You don't need to sand the existing finish all the way off. Dust off with a damp cloth. 

I used the following WoodUbend moldings: 

Applying the WoodUbend moldings is easy! Just warm them up, using a griddle, heat gun or hair dryer, until they're a little soft and pliable. 

Add Titebond Quick & Thick MultiSurface Glue to the back and press into place. Hold a few seconds, then shoot it with the heat gun or hair dryer for a few seconds and hold in place a few more seconds. And repeat! 

Once the glue has dried, usually within an hour or so, you can paint, stain, sand, or even cut/drill the moldings. 

The beauty of Voodoo Gel Stain is it's water-based, so you can thin it out, wipe it back, and layer it. 

Water is your friend! I keep a continuous mist sprayer on hand when I work with Voodoo. It dries quickly so do work quickly, but water will help if it dries too fast. 

I first applied Bayou Moss Voodoo Gel Stain, which I wiped back with a damp cloth to remove much of it, leaving only a little on the piece, and more on the moldings. The green is barely detectable in my final look, so you could skip this step and get a very similar result. Or lay it on heavier if you love it.

Once that was dry, I applied Au Naturel, keeping a lot on the piece. 

Once dry, I applied a good coat of Tobacco Road, wiping some of it back off the moldings. 

Allowing the stain to dry between coats helps you avoid muddying up the colors. It dries super fast though, so you can get your project done quickly!

I added a bit of Au Naturel back into the moldings, wiping off some excess. 

I then dry-brushed a touch of White Magic stain onto the high points of the moldings to make them really pop. 

A very light sanding subtly reveals some of the layers underneath.

I sealed it all up with two coats of Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin. 

I just love how it turned out! What do you think? Do you like this look?

This piece is for sale in the Boise, Idaho area. Learn more... 

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