Anthropologie Style Molded Floral Dresser

I *almost* feel like I have to apologize for creating yet another white molded piece. But I won't, because they make my heart sing. There’s something so serene and romantic about this white-on-white look with its abundance of flowers. It makes me happy. 

I can hardly even believe this is the same piece! This old gal was rough and required a lot of extra prep work, plus painting the drawers, but she was worth it. 


This 3-minute video shows how I make the resin and paperclay moldings. Please watch it if you plan to do the moulds. It will help! 

I use resin for larger or more intricate moulds and I use paperclay for smaller moulds that I can stack or wrap around legs or curves. 


Clean all surfaces thoroughly with a good cleaner/degreaser like White Lightening or Krud Kutter.

Sand if needed

After cleaning inside, Brush Wise Owl Salve underneath the drawers to help them glide smoothly and freshen up any stale scent. (You can also use the clear wax, which is unscented.) Be careful not to get salve on surfaces that will be painted; if you do, clean/degrease (or do this step last.)

Apply Primer Now or After Applying Moulds

I usually apply primer after applying moulds, but because I needed to paint the drawers too, I decided to get those steps out of the way first. I used Wise Owl Primer in Grey because I wasn't sure what color I'd be painting the piece. Grey is a good neutralizing color. (If I had known I'd be painting white, I would have used the white primer.) 

I used Wise Owl One Hour Enamel in Abyss for the drawers. I chose this paint because it dries rock-hard without a need for a sealer and is 90% cured within one hour after drying. It was the perfect choice for inside the drawers! 


Make the moldings according to the directions on the package.

  • You can make resin moldings ahead of time
  • Paperclay moldings must be used (or placed in the freezer) immediately. 

I use Titebond Quick & Thick All-Purpose Glue. Just spread on the back of the molding, apply to the surface, and hold a couple of seconds.

If the resin moldings have become very hard, lightly warm them with a heat gun or blow dryer until they become pliable before gluing to your surface. This will help ensure a more solid bond. 

And repeat! 

Use paperclay moldings to stack on top of resin or other paperclay moldings.

After you've applied all the moldings, allow to dry overnight or longer. 


I primed before adding the moldings this time, but you can prime (or paint) before or after. If priming/painting first, give the piece a couple days to dry before applying moulds. 

I painted the entire exterior, including on and around all the moldings. 

To get the moldings to pop and add dimension and definition, I brushed on both lighter and darker shades of white to the tops of the individual moldings.

The goal is a subtle, almost tone-on-tone effect. That part's much easier than you might think and doesn't take long. 


I sealed the piece with Wise Owl clear wax. Just brush on and wipe off excess. Wipe again once more in a couple hours. 

Knobs and pulls can make or break the piece. I bought new wooden knobs and painted them to match. It adds to the overall subtle look and doesn't detract from the busy floral design. 

Now she's ready for her forever home! (Please click here if you're interested in purchasing her!) 

Are you ready to try a moulds piece? 

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  • Lisa Fischer on

    I was on Facebook March 25 saw your floral dresser with the flowers on it for $329 do you still have that?

  • Gray on

    Wish you were in UK as I would purchase this stunning item .It makes my heart sing when I look at it as well .Sarah

  • Marcia on

    I absolutely love love love this. I was wondering if there was any other means of creating the mould pieces for example mod podge? And do you think painting the piece with chalk paint would work as well?

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