A Furniture Rescue Fairy Tale

sea spray

 upon a time, there was an old, sad, chest of drawers. Her owner didn’t give her the attention she deserved and she felt very unloved. 

When she came up for adoption, I knew I had to save her, and I brought her home to my workshop to foster her for a while.

There, she thrived. 

I first gave her a good bath with White Lightening cleaner, inside and out - all the parts. Boy, did she need and love that!

Now it was time to dress her up, and out came the Redesign with Prima Moulds. I used quite a few, but you can create a similar look with less. Just be sure to have a mix of small, medium, and large moulds, and a variety of shapes. (If I had to choose just a few, I’d choose Etruscan Rose, Leafy Blossoms, Fragrant Roses and In The Garden, pictured above.)

I made several mouldings ahead of time using Amazing Casting Resin. These mouldings dry hard and flat, so they're great for flat parts because you can make lots ahead of time. Resin mouldings don't shrink or crack. 

I fastened the resin mouldings to her body using Titebond Quick & Thick Wood Glue. This perked her right up, but we still had more to do. 

I created several smaller mouldings using Creative Paperclay. This clay bends and conforms to curves, can be placed between drawers and cut, and is stackable. It does shrink and crack a little but I don’t mind because it gives her character, and she is a mature lady, after all. I again used the Titebond glue to fasten these mouldings to her. This gave her a 3-dimensional look, and she was so excited she could barely contain herself!

When I was almost done with the moulds, my new line of pre-made Efex Appliques came in. I couldn't wait to try some, so I added a few of the Efex Spring Flowers. She loves them and so do I! 

Now it was time to move on to her outerwear. 

I wanted to lighten her skin but I was worried she'd bleed, so I gave her a nice coat of BOSS primer. (BOSS is a stain-blocking primer that prevents the wood tannins from bleeding through the paint.) 


I initially painted her in a different shade of blue. It was pretty, but it didn't quite flatter her. So I repainted her in French Linen. Well let me tell you... she threw quite the fit! While I love French Linen, she made it very clear that she was way too "extra" to be a mere grey. So I re-painted yet again. 

I mixed a few different colors to get this icy blue. I *think* it was Dixie Belle Blue, Driftwood, Haint Blue and Cotton. And this time I added Dixie Belle's Sea Spray to the paint mix to give it lots of salty texture. Because paint mixed with Sea Spray is super thick, I stippled it on instead of brushing - that's kind of like stabbing it - with a stiff bristled brush. Then I stippled some Cotton mixed with Sea Spray over that coat, giving her a somewhat cloudy effect. 

To make her really stand out, I dry-brushed Cotton and Fluff over all the mouldings. 

And new glass jewelry fit her perfectly.

To keep her new ‘do in place, I sprayed her all over with Helmsman Spar Urethane. 

For the final touch, I wiped Dixie Belle Clear Wax  along the drawer guides so she’d glide smoothly. And I used Dixie Belle's Big Mama's Butta inside the drawers to nourish them and bring out their beauty. (I also bought her some pretty drawer liners but haven’t put them in yet. It’s her surprise Christmas present. Shhh..)

She’s so happy now! She was always beautiful on the inside, but now her outside matches her inside. She can't wait to be permanently adopted and live happily ever after. 

The End

PS: She’s ready for her forever home! Learn about adopting her here

This story contains an affiliate link which may earn me a small commission.


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