A Picker-Painter’s Bedroom

Months ago I set out to redecorate my bedroom. I didn't finish it because I really wanted hardwood floors and felt my vision would never be realized as long as I had this carpet. And now we're now selling our house, so it doesn't make sense to change the flooring or finish the room. There's so much more I wanted to do. But I'll save that for my next house. 

This room is my happy place. It contains some of my favorite things. 

I think I love this space the most. This gorgeous vintage French Provincial lingerie chest was a splurge for me, yet a steal at just $100 at an estate sale. It was dull and dry, but I brought it back to life by simply applying Daddy Van's Orange Oil with a brush and shop towel. No paint for this beauty!

My vintage Big Ben clocks, wall baskets, hat pin display, and carved candle holder make me happy. The off-white clock on the left is my favorite, and I got it at a garage sale for just $2!

The space next to my bed is a very close second. In fact, it might be a tie. Hundreds of pieces of furniture have passed through my hands, but this antique chest was a keeper since day one. I used milk paint to get the chippy look. I really love the antique box, which has a slot in the top and a place to put a small padlock. Sometimes when I go to bed I write down what I'm grateful for from the day and put it in that box. It's a frequent reminder, and someday I'll read them and remember how much there is to be grateful for. 

I couldn't love this lamp any more. It was actually new, with a factory black finish. I used Dixie Belle's patina collection to make it look rusted out. The combination of Iron Patina Paint and Green Patina Spray create this rust finish (without the fire-hazard cords that come with old lamps.)

I do have a thing for vintage tambourines! I have a few, and this one's my favorite. I love to linger in bed in the mornings and have my coffee in this space. (Full disclosure: this bedside table is usually more lived-in, with a coffee cup, alarm clock, books and reading glasses.) 

Which leads to the bed... I had a vision for this headboard and searched for weeks for an inexpensive used screen to paint. After not finding one, I finally gave up and ordered one from Amazon. It was perfect! (My bed is king sized, for reference.) I simply dry-brushed the screen with Dixie Belle Paint in the color Fluff. A few screws secured it to the wall easily. 

The duvet set and bed skirt were a splurge. I wanted real linen, and after extensive searching, I found this set to be the best value. I never got around to adding throw pillows, but those would have added a lot.


I needed something for the other side of the bed, so I plucked this cutie from my stash. I mixed a few Dixie Belle Paint colors to come up with this green. I used Redesign with Prima moulds and Amazing Casting Resin to create the mouldings, painted them with Dixie Belle Fluff, glued them on with Titebond Wood Glue, sprayed the piece with Easy Peasy Spray Wax and dusted some Dixie Dirt over the flowers and leaves. 

I love textiles and you'll see them throughout the room. The cute vintage luggage rack currently holds one of my prized posessions - a vintage guitar I got for just $20 at an auction near Nashville. 

I transformed this antique chest of drawers using Junk Monkey Milk Paint in Tea Biscuit and Thick Cream, with Cutting Edge Stencils and new glass knobs by D. Lawless Hardware.

I knew I wanted a tree branch curtain rod, and I only had to look as far as my back yard. I found this great set of iron wall hooks on Amazon that are perfect for the curtain branch rod. Then I couldn't believe my luck when I found these tie-top linen curtains at a thrift store for about $10. This cute ruffled trim made darling tie-backs. The curtains need to be shortened. Just one of those things I just haven't gotten around to yet. You know how it is...

Total cost of curtains, "rod", rod hooks and tie-backs, around $40.

One of my favorite things on the planet is this antique bench. It's carved from a big slab of old growth wood and has all the character and charm you'd want in an antique piece. I simply cleaned and polished it with Daddy Van's Orange Oil, and it sprung to life. (Do you even want to know that I got it at a garage sale for just $20?! And I had the nerve to talk them down from $25! Shame on me...) 

I have artwork, chandeliers, and other things I'll add when I move, but for now, this room is my little sanctuary from the chaos that is life. 

What are some of the things - or spaces - in your home that make you happy? 

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    Love your room. I can’t begin to talk about all the things I’ve start and never finish. It’s so exciting when we find something so special and unique for a great deal. You have awesome taste.

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    Love you bedroom. Unique.

  • Brooke Sobol on

    Thank you @Nicole Kenhan!

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